Lapping Bewl Water

Sussex is a pretty beautiful county and a lot of the highlights are stretched out along the coast (like Beachy Head). The distinctive fingered shape of Bewl Water reservoir is much further inland, just outside Tunbridge Wells, and is fantastic in all seasons and for all kinds of family outings. If you head to the newly developed  visitors centre you can indulge in a variety of water sports in summer or cycle round the reservoir. Parking in the lay-by on Rosemary lane and geared up with wellies or walking boots, dog walkers can amble along peacefully, past the Duke of Edinburgh kids with heavy packs and the odd fisherman. The best kept secret of the reservoir is the food at Beals Barn garden centre. Not far from the main carpark, it’s a lovely setting for some well-earned refreshment, made mostly from local or homegrown ingredients!



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