Muggins Here

Welcome to my book-log, virtual scrapbook, sounding board and smallest of soap boxes. 

Book blogs seem to form the best bookclub in the world; one where you get to choose the books, read them at your own pace and discuss them with people whose opinions often resonate, reflect your own or encourage you to rethink – without the struggle of finding a mutually available Thursday or having to reread Middlemarch when you’d really rather not. The whole process of reading is much more enjoyable when it doesn’t end when the book is finished – so here’s cheers to everyone who has read and indulged me in my musings and to everyone who shares their love of books and their thoughts on them online.

I’ve gained and traded in quite a few labels over time; British, expat, engineer, teacher, feminist and bookworm. Unfortunately, the most recent acquisition is ‘living with PTSD’. As clichés go, a single event left me reassessing and rebuilding my life and this virtual scrapbook started as a distraction and has unexpectedly become a tonic of sorts. The book-log has encouraged me to be a more observant reader, to pick up a book instead of letting time drain into the voids of the Internet or a telly screen and introduced me to the wonderful community of book bloggers and instagrammers. Writing about opinions helps to clarify my thoughts and the catalogue of adventures on the good days serves as a reminder and encouragement through the bad days.

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Life is a bit transient at the moment which, in some ways, is a royal pain but has allowed me time to explore new places, read more and really appreciate the smallest of things. This is a personal project, created as a virtual scrapbook and written purely for the fun of it, but I am flattered every time someone takes the time to read a post and respond. There is such a wealth of interesting writing, avid book lovers and beautiful photography floating around on the web that it is not only incredible you found your way here but that you bothered to read this far through the ramblings of an unknown.