Muggins escapes to Sissinghurst

The UK is steeped in uncertainty today, however you feel about it. Even tea doesn’t help, which is equivalent to a national emergency. I took the responsible adult approach of running away to the nearest garden, drinking yet more tea and taking a year’s worth of photos. Thought I’d pass on the opportunity for escapism. Ladies and Gentlemen, Sissinghurst: as adapted by Vita Sackville West and brought to you by the National Trust.

Related titles: A house full of daughters, by Juliet Nicolson (a descendant) follows 4 generations of women in her family and their very different lives; All Passion Spent, by Vita herself;  Sea Room, by Adam Nicolson (Juliet’s brother) about a set of islands in the Hebrides; Anything about gardens, kitchen gardens and cooking by Sarah Raven (Adam’s wife who helped develop the vegetable gardens at Sissinghurst with the National Trust). 




3 thoughts on “Muggins escapes to Sissinghurst

    1. Haha, thanks. Felt kind of childish, hiding in amongst the plants, but it worked!! Get the feeling we’re all going to need quite a few trips to the garden in the coming months. I’m going to make it like ‘Bumbry-ing’ in The importance of being Earnest. Every time politicians do/say something stupid I’m going to prescribe a large dose of Sissinghurst and bugger off to the back yard.


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