The Shepherd’s Life – James Rebanks


This book has a bit of everything for everyone. As well as conjuring up the traditions  of generations against a backdrop of the beautiful Lake District, there is a strong human element, unexpected happenings and the perfect balance of detail and technical talk to keep both those with prior knowledge and those without a clue hooked throughout. It should be read by farmers, walkers, lovers of the British countryside and ancient traditions, anyone who has ever knitted or eaten lamb or even refused to eat lamb. Basically everyone, get you this book. There is also an illustrated version jam-packed with photographs that looks stunning or you can check out his instagram account full of sheepish goings on.

From: the last, slightly battered, copy in the service station on the M25.

Felt: completely transported and absorbed. It was like having earned a seat in the local pub hearing stories by the fire.

Liked: the honesty of his ups and downs, the difficulties he both caused and faced and that he never glossed over the challenges or the changes in farming.

Would recommend: loudly and highly to everyone. Even if you normally don’t like non-fiction or autobiographies, this might change your mind.


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