The hundred year house – Rebecca Makkai

This was an intriguing read, falling somewhere between beach fodder and thriller. The characters and writing are simple enough to imply a quick read and enough twists and turns to keep it absorbing yet there was something unsettling about it. Whether that was to reflect the feelings of some of the inhabitants, a sign of excellent story telling that drags you into the mystery or that the whole thing was slightly lacking a grounding in realism with everything and everyone being a bit too staged – I’m not quite sure.

There were a few moments of lovely prose that put words to seemingly indescribable feelings, leading to that pinnacle of the reading experience – ‘oh, I’ve thought that!’

On a sort of ‘Deja view‘ (that spelling is deliberate. I think I’m funny):

This plot felt auspicious, not like a place he’s seen before but a place he’s always been meant to see. What is the opposite of memory? What is the inverse of an echo?

(See what I mean about that jarring feeling from the awkward tenses and dramatic flair?)

On a type of person that I know and love:

If anyone could get a man to give too much away it was Zilla – her palpable empathy, the way she leaned in to everything you said. Even Eddie relaxed when he talked to her, and the chill vanished. Being near Zilla was being near a small, smooth lake.

From: the local library

Felt: Drawn in and reluctantly impressed by the unpredictable happenings. Absorbing if not entirely enjoyable.

Liked: that you couldn’t put this into any stereotypical box or genre. It stands both apart and proud.

Would recommend: for a long journey or long weekend. It’s a bit difficult to put down so don’t take on holiday with people you want to spend time with!

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