1984 by George Orwell

Just a short note since most people have heard of or read this already but, having hated it first time through and rediscovered it some years later, I thought I’d put down a few words in its favour.

Yes, this is a classic, but being a classic does not always mean being gripping, thought provoking and possibly even more relevant today than when it was written (here’s looking at you CCTV, GPS tracking and mega corporations that follow every online move). This is not some dusty old tome, nor is it simply a political manifesto. The book follows a man trying to survive, humanity intact, in a world where every movement and thought is watched and the past can be rewritten. Orwell captures human emotions and failings with frightening accuracy in an inhuman environment.

Personally, his greatest acheivement was not the brilliant foresight or captivating plot but managing to keep the book fairly easy to read and even finding room to be funny! Definitely one for the read and reread pile.



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